Clinique Podiatrique de Montréal

Clinique Podiatrique de Montréal Business Information

Name: Clinique Podiatrique de Montréal
Address: boul. 4380 Pie-IX
City: Montreal
Province: Quebec, CA
Postal Code: H1X 2B3
Telephone: (514) 252-1414
Fax: (514) 251-9636
Categories: Podiatrists
Services: Diagnose foot ailments, abscesses, and congenital or acquired deformity such as week feet and foot imbalance, arch problems, bone disorders, bunions, calluses, corrective orthotics, cysts, diabetic patients., flexible casting for immobilization of foot fractures, fractures, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, or other injuries, plaster casts, shortened tendons, skin or nail diseases, sprains, strappings to correct deformities, treatment of corns, tumors, ulcers
Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, Debit, VISA, MasterCard

About Clinique Podiatrique de Montréal

Providing professional footcare treatment since 1975, our devoted team of Podiatrists and hygienists are here to tend to your footcare needs. We offer up to date technology including radiology, computerized bio-mechanical analysis, orthotics lab and surgi